The Town Heroes

The Town Heroes are a 4-piece Alternative-Rock band known for crafting catchy, thoughtful songs. They've toured the world, released three critically acclaimed albums and won an array of industry awards. Anthemic choruses, 3-part harmonies, tender falsettos and big drums highlight their riff driven, dirty-yet-nuanced barrage of sound. On stage they move like intense caricatures – soaked in sweat, pushing every chord, note and beat to the limit. A structured wall of sound emerges; familiar yet distinctive. Their music is a perfect soundtrack for contemplating life with a bounce in your step. For the past 6 years, The Town Heroes have played as a duo – captivating audiences with their remarkably full sound and energetic performances. With a desire to push the envelope even more, in November 2016 the band expanded to become a 4-piece. The new lineup reflects and effectively captures the growth, vision, and musical maturity of the band.

Black and Gold Dance Team

Black and Gold Dance Team is Dalhousie’s competitive dance team. We are a student run society who is becoming more and more recognized across Eastern Canada. We compete in 4 different styles: jazz, contemporary, hip-hop and tap. Throughout the year, we compete against other universities, as well as perform in multiple shows including the Dal Dance showcase, BGDT showcase, basketball games, and many more.

Sheumais MacLeod

Sheumais MacLeod has been performing in Atlantic Canada for the better part of 10 years. His first exposure to the world of music came at the age of 8, when he joined the musical theatre company at festival Antigonish - where he continued to perform until the age of 18. During his youth, he performed in many different capacities as a solo act. He has opened for some of the Maritime’s finest musicians, and shared the stage with the likes of Bruce Guthro, J.P Cormier and Dave Gunning on many different occasions. In 2011, Sheumais released his debut album “Lost Without You”, featuring a mixture of originals, covers and collaborations and is planning to record his follow up record in the coming year.